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  • District 04, Area 92:
    What is a D.C.M.?
    The heart of A.A. is the group, which elects a general service representative (G.S.R.). The G.S.R. attends district meetings that are made up of the groups in that district. The G.S.R.s elect a district committee member (D.C.M.). Thus, the D.C.M. is the vital link between the group's G.S.R., and the area service structure, including the area's delegate to the General Service Conference.

    What does the D.C.M. do?
    The D.C.M. carries the collective group conscience of the A.A. groups in the district to the area committee. Among the two-way communication responsibilities of the D.C.M. are:
    • Holding regular meetings of all G.S.R.s in the district.
    • Assisting the delegate in obtaining group information in time to meet the deadline for appropriate A.A. directories.
    • Keeping G.S.R.s informed about Conference activities.
    • Acquainting G.S.R.s with The A.A. Service Manual, Box 4-5-9, and other A.A. literature.
    • Holding workshops on carrying the message of the Seventh Tradition to nonsupporting A.A. groups.
    • Holding sharing sessions on just about any service subject.
    • And, of course, making a regular practice of talking to groups (new and old) on the responsibilities of general service work.
    Information regarding donations or sending in contributions: Send checks to:
        Alcoholics Anonymous
        P.O. Box 6675
        Kennewick, WA 99336
    ...Checks sent to the above address should be made out to: "Central Office", "District 4" or "Corrections" as appropriate. Checks go thru the Central Office Treasurer and the District 4 Treasurer and insure donations are deposited in the correct bank accounts.

    Information: Area 92 Calendar of events (Note: You can receive the Area 82 Monly Newsletter by send ans email to and ask for an email delivery. This saves the Area the cost in postage and paper duplication fees. Save a forest--email)