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  • Corrections:
    Purpose: This committee takes meetings into correctional facilities and carries the AA message to the alcoholic who suffers there. They share their experience, strength, and hope. This is an excellent opportunity for the newcomer to get involved with twelfth step work, though it is advised that they attend in the company of someone who has some time and experience. This committee stresses singleness of purpose, does not give drunk-a-loges, and does not endorse nor oppose any other causes. Clearance is required to enter the facilities so forms must be completed in advance. Strict guidelines are given by the institutions and must be followed.
    Information regarding donations or sending in contributions: Send checks to:
        Alcoholics Anonymous
        P.O. Box 6675
        Kennewick, WA 99336
    Checks sent to the above address should be made out to: "Central Office", "District 4" or "Corrections" as appropriate. Checks go thru the Central Office Treasurer and the District 4 Treasurer and insure donations are deposited in the correct bank accounts.

    Requirements for Service: Various with requirements of the corrections facility.

    Current Volunteer Needs: Volunteers are needed for both jail visitation and Coyote Ridge Corrections Center (minimum and medium level security) visitation.

    Current News: The new corrections video, "A New Freedom", can now be viewed on It will also be available for purchase as a DVD in the fall. To find it on, scroll through the tabs toward the bottom of the home page to find the "Videos and Audios" tab, or simply type "A New Freedom" into the search box on the home page. There is also discussion in progress to develop shorter versions of the video, and staff will seek input from members and other viewers focusing on the length of the video and its most important elements.